want to buy or sell anime?? then youve come to the right place

For those looking to sell or buy Anime
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A place to buy and sell all things anime
This is a closed community and a moderator must approve your membership. We WILL NOT approve new journals, blank journals or completely dead journals unless you have publicly posted feedback. Having a friends only journal is totally fine, we don't need to see your entries just that you have been active on LJ and it's communities. Same thing goes for new selling journals so long as they are visibly connected to your not so new personal journal.

We do recheck applicants every few weeks to see if they've been using their journals and/or have feedback, posted comments, etc. We're sorry for any inconvenience to new LJ users, but it's much easier to keep our community safe this way.

I take no responsibility for any of the auctions or sales here, and I will not take any responsibility for those who don't follow through, or make bad transactions.... I will however try my best to ban scammers and warn the community about them.

Please be responsible for your own actions and your own transactions

This is a means of advertising nothing more...

Though if I do catch people with bogus sales or getting a bad reputation, they will be BANNED from the community.

Please shop responsibly!

The rules can change at any time, but if they do change it will be posted in the community.

1. No flaming

2. Please be honest.

3. Please LJ-cut any LONG lists or over sized pictures.

4. If you're going to sell from your own journal or another page, please post the link to said page.

5. If you are going to post the same items for sale, please try to keep to to once every three days, and try not to over spam the community, it's only polite. A new post with different items should be fine at once a day.

6. Please keep all subject matter to the buying and selling of anime...

under the topic of buying to selling:
I just bought this new anime called _____ its soo cool! you all should check it out or I wanted to know if any of you out there would be interested in ________ I have it for sale on ebay...

introductory posts are perfectly acceptable even if you dont have anything for sale:
Hi I am new I'd like to introduce myself

and posts about the community are also considered "on topic"
I think that this interest ______ should be added to the community interests or its time to update the community layout/icon/background

have you all seen ______ its cool!! i love the fact that so and so is so mean

7. Please don't advertise in comments, if you have an advertisement please post it in the community. The comments section is for the specific seller that made that post.

8. Advertising other communities is OK... As long as the new community is devoted to the buying or selling of anime

9. above all else! HAVE FUN!!

Notes from the Mod:
If you ever have an issue with another member of the community please contact one of the maintainers at their personal journal...they will get to it much faster.

please also feel free to check out: shopanime, animeauctions, otaku_wishlist and garagesalejapan they are also great places to advertise!